RatesData is a new service, designed for use primarily by professional rating surveyors, which allows easy searching of VOA non-domestic rating records. It is faster, cheaper and simpler to administer than anything else currently on the market. RatesData will;
  • Improve your competitive edge by bringing you data on the day it is released
  • Allow you to conduct more powerful searches, using our intuitive search engine
  • Provide ready-made technical analysis, updated weekly, for identifying business opportunities
  • Let you download results, either as reports, or in spreadsheet format
  • Cost less in subscriptions
  • Further save you money by reducing on-site IT support virtually to zero
Main features

Always up-to-date
The VOA merges data contained in its alteration schedules with the main rating lists approximately every two months. The updated lists are available on RatesData within 24 hours of publication. Alteration schedules are released weekly, and these are usually available on RatesData by 8am on the day of publication.

No CDs or disks.
All processing and data retrieval is done on our servers at Manchester. No software is installed at your end - all you need is a Windows computer with internet access, either at the office, at home, or on the move.

Fast information retrieval
Rating records are first identified by a primary search, and this initial selection can then be refined by secondary searches, based on an extremely comprehensive range of search parameters.

Reports and downloads
Data retrieved can be downloaded, either in the form of printable reports or in spread sheet format, and we also provide a selection of analytical reports, updated weekly, which are based on changes made in the latest alteration schedules.

Fast, free support
Should you encounter a problem, a telephone call to our support desk will allow an engineer to view what is on your screen and provide immediate assistance. This service is included in the licence fee.

Free updates
The features and functionality of the RatesData system are under constant review. All software updates during the period of your contract are made available to you automatically. No installation is required on your part and the cost is included in the licence fee.

Although access is via the internet, RatesData is not a browser based system and is highly secure. Everything is thoroughly password-protected and all data transmissions are encrypted.